We believe that reading is important,

vital to developing ourselves as members of the community, critical thinking skills, and equipping ourselves with the tools to help us succeed in life. 

Our founder, Taleah Greve, had the vision to give away books in West Michigan in late 2014. We opened our doors in February 2015 with about 2,000 books, one little room inside the Front Porch building, and big dreams. 

Since we launched, our collection has grown to more than 15,000 books on the shelves (with thousands more just waiting for space on the shelves), we’ve tripled our space at the Front Porch, and the community has been so excited to be part of this grand adventure!

Families have picked up books for their young kids and their elderly parents. We have helped teachers stock their classroom shelves, worked with reading/literacy programs, and given books to organizations across West Michigan to help strengthen our community. Senior Centers and Communities have refreshed their shelves to the delight of their residents, and we've been able to attend community events to spread some book love even further.

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